Toubousha drama cd download

Toubousha drama cd

Toubousha is a CD in which a fugitive is on the run from someone. The change from the previous track into drama is very fast, but I think they. Toubousha Vol. 2 Translation ~Translations aren't mine. Links lead to the original translation~. I was expecting something darker actually since the protagonist are supposed to be held hostage. Well, basically this CD is about the.

逃暴者~ナオヤ編~ Toubousha vol 02 ~Naoya~ Tracklist: Scene 01 Ame to Drama CD: Toubousha/ Runaway – Naoya Side. Track drama cds. Toubousha ~Shun Hen~. August 10, Sakitoubousha, yoshino hiroyuki 4 Toubousha: Shun's Chapter. Track 2 – Clearing your suspicion. Hiya! I'm Saki and this is my translation blog. I mainly translate drama cds, but I can accept requests from other types of media too. Hope you'll.

Title: 逃暴者-トモキ編 [Toubousha ~Tomokis Side] Seiyuu: Kimura Tags: drama cd, drama cd translation, kimura ryohei, toubousha, translation. If you listen to this CD, I will definitely say that the Bad Ending is the best tags» #toubousha #drama cd #review #tsuda kenjiro #situation cd. Toubousha vol 8 ~Jiro hen~ will be out! from delinquent to host, this time This is my tumblr~ I will share about my thought! about drama cd.