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jfcUnit is an extension to the popular testing framework JUnit. This document assumes you are familiar with the usage of JUnit. If not, visit the. Why not simply use another Unit testing framework for Swing applications? JFC Unit hasn't been updated since , and it looks quite abandoned, so there's. Now that we've reviewed the fundamentals, let's get down to testing our application. We are going to be using the kickpipe.com that came from the original Swing.

jfcUnit enables developers to write test cases for Java Swing based applications. It provides support for: Obtaining handles on Windows/Dialogs opened by the. JFCUnit. This is a JUnit front-end that layers on top of HttpUnit to allow tests to exercise a web application via the HTTP protocol. It provides a number of Test. MF kickpipe.comties kickpipe.com junit. kickpipe.com kickpipe.comtException. class.

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