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Sims 2 beta version

Once again, a thread about Sims 2 Beta. I didn't .. I'm thinking this because the PS2 version of SIms Bustin' Out / 2 make mentions of BHAV's. The game had 2 development versions. Not many people know, but according to many users on “Mod The Sims” forums, almost all the games. A user named "PivotGuy" links to a "Sims 2 Sampler beta". ( mb in Is this the fabled pre-office fire version of Sims 2? Because if so.

This article lists all features that existed in a beta version of games in The Sims Contents[show] The Sims 2 Base game Weather Early beta footage of The. I am currently like, obsessed with the beta version of The Sims 2 for PC. I am looking for a build that is early; Such as the ones shown in. The Sims 2 had reached beta status on March 1, , and It was, at release, compatible with Mac OS X Panther and above.

The Sims 2 Beta is an unreleased "test" version of The Sims 2. Notably, the graphics greatly improved between the beta and the final version.