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Extraterrestrial visitors

Directed by Juan Piquer Simón. With Ian Sera, Nina Ferrer, Susana Bequer, Sara Palmer. A young boy in the woods discovers a lovable alien or is it?. The Pod People is a French-Spanish science fiction film directed by Juan Piquer Simón. of the Collection, Volume 2 DVD set. The film itself has been released on DVD by Substance Films under the name Extra-Terrestrial Visitors. An early example of speculation over extraterrestrial visitors can be found in the French newspaper Le.

"Ancient astronauts" (or "ancient aliens") refers to the pseudoscientific idea that intelligent . hypotheses. Sagan also reiterated his earlier conclusion that extraterrestrial visits to Earth were possible but unproven, and improbable. He produced countless photos, videos, audio recordings and other concrete evidence of his many meetings with his extraterrestrial visitors, among which this . To that end, Keats is extending a hand to Fermi's theoretical extraterrestrial friends with an actual welcome mat. Even if the project doesn't draw.

The ex-politician claims to have evidence four species of aliens have been visiting Earth for decades. Paul Hellyer, Canadian Minister of.